How to Get in Shape Fast with Old School, New Body

The Old School, New Body is one of those fitness programs that work for people of all genders and ages.

If you have been searching for how to get in shape fast, then you need to try this awesome program and you will love the results.

This write up will contain a genuine review of the Old School, New Body diet program and how it works to achieve what it claims to do.

As you age, you will start to observe significant changes in your body that you won’t like.

Some people feel they are becoming flabby while others feel that they are getting too skinny. All you need to know is that getting into shape requires a positive attitude and a decent exercise program.

What is Old School, New Body?

This is a complete fitness program that contains all the information you need on how to get in shape fast. This book is meant to help you change your old workout and eating habits, with the objective of shaping your body and muscles.

The guide comes with all the exercise routines and nutritional information to help you achieve your desired results.

This book utilizes the Focus-$ Exercise (F4X) protocol which is known for reducing the risk of injuries during exercises as well as helping increase metabolism.

This awesome program combines cardio exercises and weight training, thus, enhancing muscle-building and burning excess fat. The good thing about this program is that it works for people who are getting to their old age.

Why is it an effective method?

For starters, if you follow the Old School, New Body fitness program, you will realize that the strain on your joints is reduced greatly. This is an assurance that the risk of body injury is greatly reduced.

You will be able to workout without worrying about your back, elbows, wrists and knees getting hurt.

With the Old School, New Body fitness program, you will be able to workout all the fibers in your muscles which include the red slow twitch muscle fibers, the red fast twitch muscle fibers and the white fast twitch muscle fibers.

According to the program, you will achieve these results by working out in sets.

Old School, New Body is one workout plan that requires you to really train hard. It is not for people who think that they can get their bodies into shape fast in just 4 days.

At least the workout calls for a bit of rest between sets; meaning, you will get through your workouts within a short period of time.

The F4X Workouts

If you want to learn how to get in shape fast with the Old School, New Body fitness program, you must undertake the following exercises:

• Dumbbell upright rows (meant to achieve the best for your arms and shoulders)
• Squats (works your thigh muscles)
• Regular or incline bench presses (works your triceps and your chest)
• Bent-over rows (meant to work your back, shoulders and arms)

With this great fitness program, you only have to train for three days in a week so that your muscles will have enough time to repair after the workouts.

Programs that advocate daily workouts will mislead you due to reduced muscle growth, muscle damage and a greater risk of injury.

For the four days that you won’t lift weights, it will be imperative to do cardio workouts like:

* cycling – you can choose to do it on a stationary training bike or a regular bicycle
* running – you can choose to run or jog in a park or do it on a treadmill
* swimming – this will help push your upper body hard

Your search on how to get in shape fast stops right here; you only require to order the Old School, New body fitness program and you’re good to go.

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