Diet Tips – Chest Exercises to Explode Pec Growth

My 3 best chest exercises to explode pec growth are the barbell bench press, dumbbell press and the dumbbell and cable fly. In my experience of bodybuilding these are the methods at building muscle fast. For my free video report on how to lose fat and build muscle

Tips & Unique Techniques

Body Position – Feet back towards head and firm on the floor. Lower back should be arched, chest open and shoulder blades lower and closer together. Like a tight coiled spring, your power to lift more weight safely and effectively isolating the chest muscles starts with your feet anchored firmly on the floor in this position.

Lighten Up The Weight – Slow down the repetition speed

Make lighter weights feel heavier by going slower and being mindful of each positive (squeeze water out of a sponge) and each negative (stretch and elongate the muscle)

Mind Muscle Connection is easier attained if you slow the rep speed down and obtain more time under tension during east rep and set.

Squeeze Fist Together

When I perform my chest exercises I always visualize squeezing my fist together.. even on the flat bench. It is easier to do this visualization which will help you feel the chest muscle with lighter weights.

Partial Range of Motion

2 slow pulses in the bottom 1/3 range of motion on the last 2-3 reps for muscle confusion really confuses the muscle

The Last 3 Repetitions

Many people get confused thinking that there is a magical set and rep scheme that is best for gaining muscle fast. But what works best for me and my peers is going to absolute failure and getting the last 2-3 reps that you did not think you could get.

Sets & Reps

After warm up set get to complete failure 12, 10 & 8 reps on the first, second and third set. Each set you should increase the weight of the exercise slightly.

Drop Set

A drop set is simply after the last / heaviest set you decrease the weight by about 30% and without resting the normal 2-3 minutes between sets do one more set while you are in a semi fatigued state.

These are some of the best chest exercises and methods I have learned throughout my body building career. I have learned over the years the fastest way to gain weight and muscle by having a deadline or a competition. I highly suggest you have a goal too. I do believe that with these pec popping exercises; you will be able to improve your chest and pec development. Ask any questions below and let’s grow together.

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