The DASH Diet

The DASH diet is an acronym for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.” It was designed specifically to help adherents lower dangerously high blood pressure by specifically cutting salt out of their diets. Excessive salt intake can make hypertension worse, which can cause kidney disease, stroke, blindness, and heart failure when uncontrolled. Multiple studies using the […]

How To Lose Weight And Keep It From Coming Back

The question of how to lose weight and keep it from coming back has beleaguered people for decades. The daily stresses of life, all of the delicious temptations we face, all of the quick convenience foods available, and the constant bombardment from the media only add to the constant struggle overweight people face. The result […]

Diet Tips – Chest Exercises to Explode Pec Growth

My 3 best chest exercises to explode pec growth are the barbell bench press, dumbbell press and the dumbbell and cable fly. In my experience of bodybuilding these are the methods at building muscle fast. For my free video report on how to lose fat and build muscle Tips & Unique Techniques Body Position – Feet […]

Diet Tips – A Weight Loss Transformation Story

Weight loss isn’t just about calories in vs. calories out. It’s not just about eating healthy and working out. It’s a mind game. We are a culture of diet obsessed, fearful, self-conscious, self-deprecating people. Why??? Because we listen to, read, and watch too much nonsense about how we are supposed to look, what we are […]